Friday, June 12, 2009

Giving it All

Ever get to the point when you KNOW you need to give it all to God...every circumstance, every thought, every word, every whatever it may fully SURRENDER to Him yet there's a part of you that you CHOOSE to hold on to and have a hard time giving up? I often ask myself why it is so difficult to let God have my do as He wills. Is it because I feel that I am superior and it's best if I take control rather than letting the very One who created me follow through with His awesome and PERFECT plans? I am sometimes fearful to give it all over to God. Why, you ask? I wish I knew the answer to that. Why wouldn't I want to allow Him to take all of my frustrations, bitterness, doubts, fears, insecurities, etc? Seems like it should be a simple thing to do yet I struggle with it so much. It's not that I don't WANT Him to have control. Am I just afraid of what may come about it? That things will change? That I may have to step out of my comfort zone? That I am not skilled or strong enough to take on whatever task HE unfolds for me? But just a simple reminder, self, that God is your Creator and He loves you and only will lead you on the right path when you seek Him with all of your heart. "You will SEEK me and FIND me when you search for me with all of your heart." It's time to fully surrender. "Sweetly Broken...Wholly Surrender"

Friday, January 02, 2009


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For some, maybe not so happy...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Summary of my 2008

Another year coming to a close. It is hard to believe. Is it just me or has every single month in this year flown by? I know it always feels like "time flies" but this year for me really went by like a blur. It seems like just yesterday...


*I brought in the year at a New Year's Eve service held at the church. I really cannot think of a better way of starting the new year than starting it off by worshipping our God and asking Him to bless the new year.

*I celebrated my 21st birthday. I guess you could say it most likely wasn't the typical 21 year old celebration. I worked and then afterwards my parents surprised me with cake and wine. I went all out and had half of a dixie cup! HAHA! I wasn't a huge fan. Needless to say, it was not a wild and crazy day but it was very enjoyable...I think I ended up having 3 different cakes between friends throwing me a party, work, and my parents buying me one. You can never have too much! I wish I could just stay 21. It's been a good year.

*I started leading Sunday School or "Coffee Groups" for the youth group. It was an amazing opportunity to step up a notch and be more involved with the church...I love it.


My family was very excited for our new nephew/grandson to be born! He was due middle of February and was born the 26th. That was the highlight of that month. And what a blessing he is! It's amazing thinking how quickly this (almost) year has gone by for him. From being a little baby who was just passed around and stared at by all, to the stage where he started smiling at everyone, to eventually being able to flip over on his back/tummy, to crawling and now to almost walking....time needs to SLOW DOWN! I love every minute I spend with that bundle of joy...he is such a good kid!!!


Only 9 days after Damian's birth, another baby was born! My cousins Shannon and Jon welcomed another baby girl, Alyse Abigail Bradley. It was fun watching the similarities and differences she had with her big sister Adelyn. They are both sweetie pies and have a way of melting your heart. Alyse is a joy to be around...I think all she does is smile! It was has been fun having both Damian and Alyse together. What a blessing to have two babies enter the world around the same time. :)


All I really recall with April is SNOW! Yes, that's right. Snow. Not the typical April weather!!! 3 out of the 4 weekends were BLIZZARDS. Not just a couple inches, but a downfall. It was rather nice having work be cancelled some of the days because of the bad weather. :) Also it was very interesting going to what was supposed to be a SPRING wedding in late April and having to wear your winter coat, gloves, hat, and scarves and having to skate your way to the church and reception. I felt bad for the couple who was getting married but they didn't seem to mind. What good sports!


May was a time of remembrance for our family. We couldn't believe how quickly a year had gone by (do you see a theme here?) since my grandpa had passed away. And ironically enough, the anniversary of his death was on Memorial Day...that was quite fitting. By that time the weather was a tad nicer and we were able to bring flowers to his and other relatives grave.


The grad parties began. I traveled to WI to watch a good friend graduate and attended her grad party which was conveniently the next day. :) Later on that month I traveled with New Life Church in Sparta, WI to the Desperation Conference held in Kalamazoo, MI. It was a first for a few things. A first to travel to MI and a first to attend one of those conferences. AMAZING!!! Is only one of the adjectives I can think of to describe it. What an awesome time to get away and really focus on who God is and what He wants for our lives. Desperation is quite the fitting title as I and many others left there desperate for MORE! God is good.


I remember July for the extremely hot days. So warm that I actually caved and went swimming. It was just a typical summer month...relaxing.
*Camping trip with a few was an adventure trying to get up a tent with two of us gals...our nice neighbors came over to help us out, haha!!


Wisconsinites came to visit! Tons of people came over for a bonfire and some outside games, which was a BLAST! End of August I went to the American Idols Live Tour in Minneapolis with some friends. It worked out well because it fell on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend meaning I didn't have to ask for Monday off! Good times. I'm excited for the next season which is starting in less than one month! yahoo! I needed something to fulfill my tv fix since my favorite show 7th Heaven stopped playing new episodes...i'm not one to watch a lot of tv so it's nice to have one show to look forward to throughout the week. :o)


Hmmmm. Thinking...Thinking...Next,


Minnesota Youth Convention in Rochester with the youth group...always a good time!


My first time being able to vote for president!! An honor, I'd say!

* was a FULL HOUSE with relatives visiting. It was a lot of fun. Shannon and Bonnie were brave enough to hit the early morning Black Friday sales, the rest of us slept in and went later morning. :) We still got some really good deals! I was able to buy a guitar for cheap. Now I just need to keep practicing and teaching myself and I'll be a professional in no time...ha!


*A dear neighbor who meant a lot to our family passed away. It was an unexpected death so that always makes the whole situation even harder than it already is. He and his wife were always such a blessing to this family...He will be greatly missed.

*Christmas was realxing and very laid back this year. It was spent with just my immediate family which was very treasurable and memorable since it isn't very often we get together anymore.

And that about sums up my year off the top of my memory. I am certain that I am missing some details, but that should do it for now.

For 2009 I am anticipating...

- The birth of yet another nephew in mid January!

-All that God has in store! Hopefully some changes which will be mentioned in another blog in the near future.

I pray that every person reading this has a year full of blessings in 2009!!!

Stay tuned for 2009's will go by all too quickly. :)

HAPPY New Year!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Struck Down but NOT Destroyed

I've recently purchased one of Joyce Meyer's popular books "Battlefield of the Mind."
I've only started beginning reading the first chapter, but even in those few pages a lot has been revealed. She talks about how satan is the greatest deceiver and that he is good at what he does. She talks about how he is patient and that he is good at pinpointing people's weakness and will jump at any opportunity he can, basically.

This week has had some trials not only for me but to my family. I could cry (and believe me I have) and feel sorry for myself or I could look to My Creator. The One who knows everything about me and knows everything in my life that has and will happen..even before I was born.

Why, I'm asking myself, would I not choose to turn to Him? Why do I sometimes allow myself to take things over and think that I can find the comfort and answer I need without Him?

Jesus says to cast our cares and burdens upon Him...and for that I am thankful. I'm thankful that I don't have to carry this heavy load alone.

The devil can try all he wants to this family. But I will make sure to remind that

Greater is He who is within me than he who is in the world!

He came that we may have life and life to the fullest...

Jesus, I need YOU!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's New?

"What is new?," you ask.

1) I am very very excited for the presidential election stuff to be over with. I have never been one interested in politics and it seems like you can't go anywhere or turn the channel without it being the main headline. Although, I will be sad to not have George W. Bush be our president. Lord, thank you for the time He has served. And be with Him despite what the world tries to throw at Him...

(please don't comment about this...i hate presidential debates! i didn't post it to argue..)

2) I have been waiting for this labor day weekend for a very long time! I am headed to the cities to go to visit friends and family, go to the state fair..and..last but not least, the AMERICAN IDOL TOP TEN FINALISTS TOUR!!!!!!!!!! I bought tickets in May and have eagerly anticipated this day for a long, long time. Pictures to follow!!! And it just so happens, out of all of the tour dates, to fall on this weekend which is quite the blessing, actually. With Monday being the holiday, I didn't have to ask for a day off for it. :)

3) God has been teaching me a lot. He's making me realize it's all about HIM. He is constantly teaching me things and showing me how truly faithful and loving He is. Jesus, I'd be so entirely lost without you.

4) I've been doing lots of traveling this summer. It's been great! But I am kind of looking forward to a relaxing fall, too.

5) My beautiful cousin Stacy was proposed to in July!! They are planning (so far) for a May wedding, and she asked me to be in the bridal party. What an honor to stand up with a woman who has meant so much to me. She and her sister are the sisters I never had. I am very excited for her! Congrats, darlin!

6) I love that God has answered my prayer of having more college-aged girls around here. My dear friend Ruth is now HOME for college. She has started a girls' Bible study and I have made new friendships. The Lord hears our requests. How very faithful He is!!! Thank you Lord.

7) Little Damian is growing up so very quick. He can already roll onto his tummy and realized he has enough arm strength to be able to lift himself off of the ground. Quite soon he will realize he can crawl. He is now 6 months! And as handsome as handsome can be. And quite the chatterbox. :) I love him.

In addition to auntiehood, I will be finding out very soon what the sex is of my brother Brian's baby who is due around my birthday in January! Can't ask for a much better birthday gift, eh? I will officially be an auntie of 4 once he/she arrives. Can't wait!

Anyway, just thought I better give my "fans" some new reading material.
God bless the frequent readers and the new readers, too!
You are loved.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Weekend with the Relatives!

Little Miss Alyse

Mr. Damian

Miss Adelyn sure enjoyed those pickles!!

Gettin ready for the parade!!

proudly displaying the red white and blue

All smiles!

Muchin on some cotton candy before the parade:)

The wonderful and beautiful Bradley Family

Adelyn was in the perfect spot for candy. She was surrounded by all adults who also helped her fill the candy bag. Needless to say, she didn't go home empty-handed!

me, Alyse, aunt Bonnie, and my brother Brian

At the petting zoo...

A dwarf horse!! How cute is he???

Adelyn enjoying a pony ride!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday!

That's all this "little" handsome stud does is smile!!!

And i'm sure he's thinking:

"Is that all my auntie does is shine that bright flash in my eyes?"